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Our Products are HALAL certified by MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). Which make them more widely acceptable especially in the Islamic countries.

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Our processing facility is HACCP approved. This means that our products meet the world standard food safety, ensuring quality product sall the time.

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We also hold the GMP certification for the good control and management for manufacturing and quality control of foods.

A Introduction of Nison Indonesia

In the last few years, PT. Nison Indonesia has grown to become one of the sought after sardines supplier that delivers quality products in the food industry. We are committed to strive to give the best through hygiene processing, which meet the international standard such as GMP and HACCP as well as Halal certified. Today, our sardines are not popular in the local Indonesian market but also serve as one of the sough after product in the Middle East and Africa.

Vision and Mission

We strive to give the best in service, processing and management to deliver the best sardines possible. Our commitment to continuously advance, encourage us to push the boundaries further to perform further in every way we can. We believe that in order to become one of the sought after sardines supplier in the world, impeccable product quality and our contribution for the environment is highly important.

PT. Nison Indonesia has been suppling the world with quality sardines, which is not only become the favorite product in the local Indonesian market, but also in many other countries. To maintain good product quality, we process our sardines with international standard management and processing requirement.

A Healthier Choice

Sardines are an excellent source of calcium intake and calcium supplements. These tiny fish are so delicate that even their bones are soft; thus, the fish is eaten whole, bones and all. Three ounces of sardines have 40 percent of the U.S. recommended daily allowance for protein (RDA) and 25 to 30 percent of the RDA for calcium.

Sardines are an oily fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it have the ability to regulate and lower cholesterol levels in the blood to prevent heart attack. They are also a good sources of iron, which is important for women as they lose a lot of iron during their menstrual cycle.

Our Market

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- Angola
- Kongo
- Ghana
- Nigeria
- Cameroon

Middle East
- Jordan
- United Arab Emirates
- Iraq